Germantown Wellness Collective



Germantown Wellness Collective is a group of bodywork practitioners and creative artists who have come together to offer integrated engagement in the creative and healing arts as a path to holistic wellness and as an antidote to despair, pain and alienation.

We believe that in order to be our most authentic, vibrant selves, we must not only tend to both body and mind/spirit/soul, but we must do so in an integrated way that recognizes no divisions, no binaries, no hierarchies in the wholeness of ourselves/our Selves.

Human beings are not bodies that have consciousness, nor are we consciousness that has a body. Both ancient wisdom from the West and East, as well as recent research in the fields of linguistics, neurology, kinesiology, theology, and psychology all point in the same direction: we are not mind and body; we are embodied consciousness. Thus true wellness—well being—requires that we tend to our whole, integrated, synergistic selves. Thus, when we are unwell, we need the insight, awareness, and healing that comes from many

 disciplines and modalities that are traditionally seen as distinct: movement, narrative, touch, poetry, breath, art—the list goes on and on….

Welcome to Germantown Wellness Collective.