Germantown Wellness Collective


Meet our practitioners


Marta Rose is a writer, artist and licensed massage therapist.

Marta Rose

Massage Therapist

Eun Jung is a movement artist, educator, and Thai massage practitioner.

Eun Jung Choi

Thai Massage Practitioner

Guillermo Ortega is a movement artist, educator, and Thai massage practitioner.

Guillermo Ortega

Thai Massage Practitioner

Our Services

What we offer

Integrative Thai Massage

Thai Focused Massage

Integrative Therapeutic Massage


Stretching Series

Chi Nei Tsang


“Thank you for a wonderful session. The abdominal massage experience was new and intense and revealed tight spots that I didn’t know that I had. It felt like worthwhile work and the additional Thai massage elements felt like an added bonus.” – Jacques-Jean Tiziou

“I felt the treatment was in-depth and will be beneficial to my overall health. During the session I had inner experiences which I’ve not experienced before in an energy session..”  – Joan Taylor

“The experience made me feel like a new person! Great work and very thorough. Very professional!”  – David Stewart



We are located inside St. Margaret’s House in Germantown


We have spacious parking lot for your convenience.